Microsoft OneDrive Update Adds More Granular Support for Notification Channels

The latest update to the Microsoft OneDrive app for Android is rolling out and bringing much greater support for Oreo’s Notification Channels.  The new build is version 5.3 for those keeping score at home and should get to everyone who has the cloud storage app installed at some point this week.

Notification Channel support in OneDrive actually came to the app in December of last year but it was pretty limited in scope.  Microsoft, in this version, has fully fleshed it out by adding notifications for when your storage is nearly full, when people edit your files that you have shared with them, and when OneDrive creates a photo album for you to name a few.

For those who aren’t familiar with Notification Channels, they are granular settings for the types of notifications you get from an app.  The feature came in with Android Oreo and more developers, like Microsoft, are adding support for it in their apps.  Instead of getting every and all notifications, you can disable notifications for certain things in the app.

Notification Channel Support in Microsoft OneDrive

Notification Channel Support in Microsoft OneDrive

This update also brought some enhancements to the Scan feature of Microsoft OneDrive.  Powered by Office Lens, the Scan feature allows you to take a photo of a document, whiteboard or business card and save that into your storage.  Now you can crop and rotate those photos right from within OneDrive prior to saving them.

If you are looking for a cloud storage solution, Microsoft OneDrive is a free app and free service.  You’ll get 5GB of storage for free when you sign up.

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