Nest Cam IQ Indoor Camera Update Brings Google Assistant Integration

The first fruits of the merged Nest and Google Hardware teams is starting to show.  A new update to the Nest app brings Google Assistant to the Nest Cam IQ Indoor Camera.  The app update is rolling out now in the Play Store and once it is updated, it will enable Assistant so you can use voice commands to view and control the camera.

This is the first Nest device that has Assistant integrated into it but it likely is the tip of the iceberg.  When the merger between the two teams was announced, one of the specific things mentioned was bringing Google AI and Machine Learning to Nest devices.

Once you have the update, you will be able to engage Google Assistant from the Nest Cam itself.  The ability to see what is viewed by the cam has already been in the Google Home app and Nest app.  This just takes it a step further.  Once you get the update to the app, you should be able to engage Assistant from that point forward.

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor starts at $299 and is available from the Google Store.  There is also a two-pack of the devices which is currently on sale for $448.

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