Android Oreo Begins Rolling Out to The Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note8

Samsung started their Android Oreo updates slowly but over the course of the past few weeks, have been trying to catch up in a hurry.  The latest example is the Oreo update for the Samsung Galaxy Note8.  It has begun rolling out to the unlocked variant of the phablet in Europe.

The update is build N950FXXU3CRC1 and it is just over 1.5GB in size.  It brings the Oreo update of course but also brings the March Android Security Update patch along with it.

Of course the other big change is the arrival of Samsung Experience 9 for the Galaxy Note8.  Like the update for the S8 lineup, this brings Samsung’s new user interface and several new features to the Note8 including an Always-On Display and improved Edge enhancements.  This is the same UI update that is on the new Galaxy S9 series and it is assumed that it is what will be running on the Galaxy Note9 when it is released later this year.

If you are Samsung Galaxy Note8 owner here in the US, patience is key at this point.  While the Oreo update has been released, it is slow rolling right now and likely will for several days until Samsung is confident the update is stable.  If you recall, they stopped the Oreo update for the Galaxy S8 lineup after a show stopping bug was found in the initial rollout.  At that point it should be released globally to unlocked Note8’s.

If you have a locked, carrier version of the phablet, your wait continues as it will be several more weeks before we start seeing those updates roll out.

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