Bing for Android Update Brings Cross-Device Search History Sync

Microsoft has released a new update of Bing for Android that brings a handful of new features and improvements.  The new build is version 8.2.26177804 for those keeping score at home.  If you have Bing installed on your phone, you should get the OTA update over the course of the next few days.

Among the new features is the ability to sync your search history across devices on which you use Bing.  The most vivid example of this would be your Android phone and your Windows 10 PC.  If you search for something in the Bing for Android app, you can go to Bing on your PC browser and get that search history there too.

This update also allows you to manage your download history from within the Bing app and has improved the indicator that let you know when you are offline.  If you are a Microsoft Rewards member, accessing the Rewards pag is also a lot easier in this update and the information seems to be refreshing at a more real time rate than in the previous build.

As you would expect, there are also a number of bug fixes and overall stability improvements in this update that should make things run a bit smoother for everyone.  If you want to try out Bing on your phone, the app is free and available in the Play Store.

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