Firefox for Android Update Allows for it to be Your Assistant App

Firefox for Android has a new update rolling out that brings several fixes as well as the ability to set it as your default Assistant app.  The new update is version 59 for those keeping score at home and has been released to the Play Store.  If you have the app installed already, you should see the OTA update for it over the course of the next few days.

The big change in this update is the ability to set Firefox for Android as your default Assistant app.  This is done via the Default apps settings on your phone.  For the Pixel devices, thats Settings>Apps & notifications>Default apps>Assist & voice input.  There you can select Firefox to be your default assistant app.  When you do this and you long press your Home button, you will see a search option via Firefox instead of Google Assistant.

While this may not appeal to all readers, the ability to change the default Assistant app in Android is another way that the platform lets you customize the experience for your needs.

Other improvements in this update to Firefox include HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) playback support for improved compatibility with video sites and the browser now locks video playback in full screen when you are viewing in landscape mode.

For those that want to try Firefox out on your phone, you can download it free in the Play Store.


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