First Chrome 66 Build Lands in the Chrome OS Beta Channel

After a surprising fifth Chrome 65 build last week, the Chrome OS Beta Channel has finally ticked over to Chrome 66.  The new build for the channel is 66.0.3359.48 (Platform version: 10452.23.0), which is the same build that is currently in the Chrome OS Dev Channel (the Alpha testing channel).  That means that the Dev channel will likely move up to Chrome 67 at some point this week, if not later today.

It should be noted that devices that have Android app support will see the update land on them in a few days.  The Chromium team is slow rolling the update out to those devices.  I can confirm that my Acer Chromebook 15, which I keep in the Chrome OS Beta Channel,  has not received the update.

As for what is new, the Chromium team has released a partial log in the Git for the build.  This is the same change log that was released last week when this build represented the 6th Dev Channel build.  Review it, most of the changes are security and performance changes since the latest Dev build.

We still have a bit of a wait before we see Chrome OS running Chrome 66 in the Stable Channel.  The build is not slated for release until April 24th according to the Chromium team and as Chrome 65 was just released to the Stable Channel.

Just to recap the current build levels in each channel:

  • Chrome OS Stable:  Chrome 65
  • Chrome OS Beta:  Chrome 66
  • Chrome OS Dev:  Chrome 66 (look for this to change this week)
  • Chrome OS Canary:  Chrome 67 (look for this to change to Chrome 68 when the Dev Channel moves to Chrome 67)
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