Fourth and Final Chrome 65 Build Released to The Chrome OS Beta Channel

The fourth and final beta of Chrome 65 has been released to testers in the Chrome OS Beta Channel.  The update is build 65.0.3325.148 (Platform version: 10323.52.0) and should be available to everyone who is running a device in the beta channel.

Given that the Chromium team has pegged March 13th as the release date of Chrome 65 for Chrome OS, this could well end up being the Stable Channel build that is released next Tuesday.  For those new to Chrome OS, the beta channel is the last channel a new build comes to prior to being released in the Stable channel.

The release notes, per the norm, are sparse with this update.  Only the generic and often used “This build contains a number of bug fixes, security updates and feature enhancements” is used to describe what is fixed or addressed.  Chrome 65 is not expected to bring a lot of major changes to the platform but is more focused on stability and security improvements.

As a reminder to everyone, right now Chrome 64 is the Stable channel build while Chrome 66 is the Dev Channel build.  The Dev Channel, for those new to the platform, is the Alpha build more-or-less.

For those in the Beta Channel, just type chrome://help to go and check for this new build on your device.

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