Google Acquires GIF Platform & Keyboard Tenor

Google has announced that they have acquired Tenor, the GIF platform and GIF keyboard creator.  Terms of the deal were not disclosed but the long term goal is to bring Tenor technology to Google Image Search as well deeper integration into Gboard.

The company will continue to operate as a separate entity under Google and you will still be able to access their site and use their keyboard app.

The goal of the deal for Google was simple.  They want to invest in Tenor to bring their GIF surfacing technology to Google Image search, bringing the right GIF for the right context every time. Shocking!

Excited Cat Gif

You can also expect to see improved integration with Gboard as the technology between the companies are shared more intimately going forward.  As with many of these types of acquisitions, it could be several months before we start seeing the fruit of the efforts.

If you are using Tenor on Android or iOS, you are still going to be able to do so.  Google has given no indication that anything from that perspective is going to change.

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