Google Allo for Web Set to Become Smartphone Independent

Google Allo is set to have a big change on the web version of the chat app that should make it far more useful going forward.  In a Tweet last week, Google Principle Engineer for Google Allo, Justin Uberti said that device independence for the web version is on its way.

What this would mean is that you could use Allo on your laptop without having to have it connected to Allo on your phone.

Today, if you want to use Google Allo on the web, you have to link it to your smartphone via a QR code.  That linking means that Allo on the web will only work if Allo is up and running on your phone too.  Your phone more-or-less becomes a proxy for the service.

This migration of backend systems at Google to make Allo independent across devices is significant.  You would then just be able to sign into the chat services site (assuming that would probably be your Google account) and use Allo on web without having to have the app running on your phone.

This would be a big step in making more useful while on your laptop and is another example of Google’s commitment to their new chat and video apps, Allo and Duo.  While adoption still remains low, as Allo gains more features like this one, it should help push folks who have been hesitant to move to it.

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