Google Files Go Update Brings File Search and Google Photos Integration

Google has rolled out a great new update to the Google Files Go app for Android.  The update brings three key new features to the lightweight file management and storage clean up for all Android phones, not just Android Go devices.

First, Files Go now has Google Search built into it and it is proper Google Search.  It gives you instant results, search history, autocomplete and filters to file management on your phone.  The search feature is found on the Files tab at the bottom of the page and it works offline.

Second comes location information on duplicate files.  Google Files Go has always had the ability to locate duplicate files but it didn’t show you where the duplicate files were located.  Now it does.  When you use the duplicate finding feature, you will get an information “i” icon when you long press the thumbnail.  This will tell you where the file is located on your phone.

Finally there is the integration with Google Photos.  Now Files go will detect files you have sync’d online with Photos and prompt you to delete them, saving you space on your phone.  This works strikingly similar to how the Free Up Space feature in Google Photos itself works so if you have used that feature, this won’t be much of a learning curve.

The new update is rolling out now and if you have Files Go installed, you should get the update over the course of the next day or two.

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