Google+ for Android Gets A New “Delete, Report, and Block” Feature for Comments

A new cloud-side change is rolling out to the Google+ app for Android that brings the same “Delete, Report, and Block” feature that is found on the web site to your mobile.  So long as you have the latest G+ app installed on your phone, you should see this new feature roll out over the course of the next few days.

Google+ has had a spam problem for a long time and the company has continued to try to give administrators of communities and collections the tools needed to deal with it.  The ability to delete a comment, report it and block the user is something that admins have had for a while but with this update, everyone gets it.

This means that when you post something within the community site and a spam bot hits it with a comment, in one tap you can delete that comment, report the user to Google and block that user from commenting on any of your posts.

Google+ Block Report and Delete Option

Google+ Block Report and Delete Option

Clearly this is a powerful tool for individual users so use with caution but when it comes to getting rid of the now infamous “Sex! Sex! Sex!” bot that seems to post comments on everything in G+, at least you as an individual can deal with it and help clean up the community – and your posts.

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