Las Vegas Monorail Transit Tickets Now Supported in Google Pay

When Android Pay was rebranded and revamped as Google Pay, it known that public transportation tickets would eventually make their way into the tap-to-pay app.  Now the first one has arrived in Las Vegas.

Starting today, you can purchase tickets for the Las Vegas Monorail online and have it added to your Pay wallet.  Then, when you get to a pay station, just tap your phone to the terminal like any other purchase.  When the gate turns green, go through the gate and your fare will be deducted from your balance.

The Las Vegas Monorail is the first transit system in the country that accepts Google Pay as a form of payment too.  More are likely to follow with the emphasis on getting your transit tickets into your Pay Wallet to use.  It makes it easier for everyone as you won’t have to keep up with a separate ticket from your phone.

Las Vegas Monorail Ticket in Google Pay

Las Vegas Monorail Ticket in Google Pay

This is another example of how Google wants to take the Pay app and services and truly make it a hub for your purchases and for keeping things like transit tickets, gift cards and membership cards all in one place.  It already does a pretty good job at the latter two so this new addition is certainly going to help.

If you are in Las Vegas or visiting soon, get your tickets online, add them to your Google Pay app and off you go.

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