Microsoft To-Do Update Adds Hashtag Support

The Microsoft To-Do app has a new update rolling out that brings support for hashtags and improved readability of reminders in tasks.  The update is version 1.26.58 for those keeping score at home and has rolled out to the Play Store.  If you have it installed, you should get the OTA update over the course of the next few days.

The big new feature is hashtag support.  Now you can use them in your notes for tasks and can search for those hashtags later.  Think of it as tagging of notes, something that other apps have done for a while now.

The other key improvement is around reminders and recurring due dates on To-Dos.  Now in Microsoft To-Do, the task title is bolder to let you know which tasks have a reminder or a recurring due date.

There are several other small bug fixes and improvements to be found in this update so it is certainly work getting it when it rolls out to your phone.  If you are looking for a solid task manager or To-Do list manager, take a look at this one from Microsoft.  It is a solid performer and the company continues to integrate it with other Microsoft products for a more seamless experience.  It isn’t all there yet, but getting there quickly.
The app is a free download for those who want to give it a try.
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