New Commit Suggests ARCore is Coming to Chrome OS

If there is any doubt that the growth of Chrome OS is going beyond simply being another OS alternative, spend some time in the Chrome OS commit Gerrit and you will see that the plans are big for the platform.  The latest proofpoint?  This commit.

It seems that ARCore, the Augmented Reality API and framework that is currently in Android, is coming to Chrome OS.  While there is no indicator of when we will see ARCore in the platform, the fact that it is being weaved into it is critical as tablet form factors start coming to market.

Looking at the future plans of the platform, things like tablet form factors in the business education spaces are important as it expands the potential uses for it.  Now start layering in ARCore and the ability to use it for education purposes (showing the solar system in the room where the class is being taught on their tablets) or in business (adding that furniture to your room as you can do with the Ikea app in Android) becomes pathways for massive growth for Chrome OS.  To be fair, ARCore on a Chromebook today isn’t going to be massively useful because of the form factor.  That’s why the tablet form factor is so important.

There isn’t any indicator on when we will see ARCore in Chrome but clearly the Chromium team is working on it.

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