Pocket for Android Update Brings Estimated Reading Times

A new update to Pocket for Android is rolling out in the Play Store and it brings a long requested feature to the read it later app.  Now when you look at your list of articles you have saved, you will see an estimated reading or viewing time for that article.

For those who aren’t familiar with Pocket, it is an app that allows you to save content to read later.  It is aimed to simplified your life by having one repository for your content so you are not having to create a bunch of bookmarks.

The challenge, up to this update, was that you never really knew how long it would take you to read an article.  Most users of Pocket see the headline, save it and read it later.  But you didn’t know if you needed 5 minutes or 15 minutes to actually go read the article.  This update gives you that estimate based on the average reading time of users.  In other words, it isn’t customized to you so you may need a little less or a little more time than the actual estimate based on your own reading speed.

Pocket for Android

Pocket for Android

If you haven’t tried out Pocket, give it a go.  It is a great app and a great way to save web content for reading later (yes it works offline).  And if you want to add a Pocket extension to Chrome or your Chromebook, you can get it here.

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