Reminders Set on Google Home are Now Location Aware

This is a feature that a lot of Google Home users have been wanting.  Location aware reminders has now rolled out to Google Home, meaning that if you set a reminder on your Home device, a reminder will be sent to you on your phone when you arrive at that location.  It is pretty slick and most certainly handy.

How it works is straightforward.  If you are at home and say, “Hey Google, remind me to buy milk when I’m at the grocery store”, the reminder will be set as any other reminder on Google Home.  But, when you leave the house and you arrive at the grocery store, you will get a notification on your phone with the reminder.

Clearly for this feature to work, you have to have location services enabled on your phone and, if you are setting up reminders for work, it will need to know your work address.

The new feature has rolled out in the United States and should be available in other countries as well.  Some users, particularly in the UK, have reported trouble with it not working so it could still take a day or two to get to everyone.

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