Second Chrome for Android Beta Build of Chrome 66 Released

For those of you who are running the Chrome for Android Beta app, there is a new update for you this morning.  The new build is the second build in the Chrome 66 train for the mobile browser and carries the updated version number of 66.0.3359.46.

The second build comes a week after the initial Chrome 66 build was released which is slated to be released on or around April 17th.  As a reminder, with the Chrome Beta app is a seperate app in the Play Store which you can download without having to join a formal beta program.  You can use it along side your stable version of Chrome on your phone with no problem.

As is usually the case with these early beta builds, the Chrome team did not outline any specific feature changes or updates to this new build.  Reviewing the change log shows mostly policy and minor changes overall to the build.

As highlighted earlier this week, there is a new flag in this build that allows you to enable a more modern, Material Design look to Chrome’s home page which, likely, will be the default look when this build finally makes it to the stable channel.

If you have the beta version installed, you should see the update already available on your phone or, if you have automatic updates enabled,  you likely have already received the OTA update to this new build.

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