Third Chrome 66 Build Arrives for The Chrome OS Dev Channel

For the third consecutive week, a new Chrome 66 build is now available in the Chrome OS Dev Channel.  The new update is build 66.0.3356.0 (Platform version: 10443.0.0) and for those with devices in what is essentially the Alpha testing channel for the platform, should have the update soon if not already.

As always, those who have devices in the Dev Channel can type chrome://help in the omnibar of the browser to force their devices to download the update.  As a gentle reminder, the Dev Channel is not recommended to be run on production Chromebooks as it is unstable and you will likely run into bugs or issues.

As is often the case with the Dev Channel, release notes are sparse as to what was addressed of fixed but there was a partial change log released with this update.  Of note in those logs is a commit for a new image sets download UI.  These aren’t in use yet but could be paving the way for an update once the Chrome 66 builds make it to the Beta channel.  Of course, there is also the new Dark mode for the System Tray that should be coming with this release.

All that said, we still have a bit of a wait before we see Chrome OS running Chrome 66 in the Stable Channel.  The build is not slated for release until April 24th according to the Chromium team and we still have Chrome 65 ahead of it.  Chrome 65, which is in the Beta channel, is slated for release this month on March 13th.


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