You Can Now Send Money via Google Assistant from Google Pay on Your Phone

Here is another great example of how fun it is to live in the future.  Google has rolled out a new feature for Google Assistant that allows you to send money to a contact from you Google Pay account all by voice command.  Now you can sort out sending cash to a friend or family member immediately and, more importantly, securely.

The feature works by you saying something to the effect, “Hey Google, send $20 to Rob for beer” and you will be prompted for which Rob if you have multiple Rob’s in your contacts.  Once the contact is identified, you will be prompted by Assistant to confirm the funds transfer and then use your fingerprint to actually authorize the transfer.  That’s it!

What happens on the back end is pretty cool too.  In my example, Rob would get a notification via email or text that funds have been transferred to him.  If he has the Google Pay app on his Android or iOS phone, he can simply open up the app and cash out.  If he doesn’t have it installed, he will be prompted to install it in order to cash out.

Send Cash via Google Assistant from Google Pay

Send Cash via Google Assistant from Google Pay

Right now the feature only works on Android phones and iPhones but according to the release announcing the new feature, support will be coming to Google Home later this year.

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