YouTube TV to Add NBA League Pass and Premium Channels

YouTube TV, the television streaming service, has updated their available networks page with some exciting new content coming soon.  The changes indicate that Local Now, a local news service, will be added to subscriptions at no additional cost.  Perhaps more exciting is that NBA League Pass and is coming soon too.

Both sports networks will be coming to YouTube TV at some point this year and both are listed as add-on networks.  That means there will be a monthly fee associated with each network but, for NBA and MLB fans, you’ve already been paying it anyway.  This should simplify life.

If you haven’t kept up with YouTube TV, it is Google’s streaming television service that offers over 60 network and cable channels along with regional sports content and add-on networks.

As reported last month, the service is about to have a $5 per month price hike.  That goes into effect on March 13th.  If you are a subscriber already, you will not get the price hike as it is for new subscribers only.  That said, there is a loophole.  If you are new to YouTube TV and sign up before the 13th, your price will also remain at the $35 per month rate.

To try out the service, which includes a free trial, head over to the service’s site.

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