YouTube TV Update Brings Customizable Live Guide

Readers who subscribe to YouTube TV may want to check for a new feature that is rolling out.  A cloud-side change is happening for the app and when it lands on your account, you will have the ability to customize your live channel guide.

The new feature is found under Settings>Live Guide and allows you to move channel orders around to one that works best for you.  This way you can have your favorite channels at the top of the list instead of having to go find it.

The ability to customize live guides are not something new.  Many cable and satellite television services offer it but to this point, YouTube TV hadn’t.  You had the default list and nothing more.  This is a good change as it brings it more on par with those traditional services – which Google is competing with in this case – and makes it more personalize.

If you have the latest version of the app, this feature just appears when it lands on your account.  If you don’t see it yet, give it time.  It is just a matter of when Google gets your cloud-side account updated and rolls it out to the app on your phone.

To try out the service, which includes a free trial, head over to the service’s site.

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