Android Oreo Jumps 3.5% in The Latest Android Distribution Report

The Android Distribution Report for April has been released and it reflects a sizable gain for Android Oreo.  The latest version of Android, either the 8.0 or 8.1 builds, jumped 3.5% over the February report’s figures for the version.  It now is on 4.6% of all devices that went to the Google Play Store for the 7 day period ending April 16, 2018.  It is the biggest single jump for Oreo in the reports so far.

The gains have been helped largely lay the number of manufactures who have released the Oreo update for their devices.  Samsung, Sony, HTC, Nokia and OnePlus have all been updating devices in the two months since the last report.

Of all the versions of Android in this month’s Android Distribution Report, only Oreo and Nougat were the two that made gains in this month’s report.  Nougat jumped 2.3% in this month’s report.  All other versions lost install base or remained the same.  The biggest looser was Android Marshmallow (6.x) which dropped 2.1% followed closely by Lollipop which dropped 1.7%.

While there are certainly positives to take away from the report, it still reflects the mighty challenge facing Google when it comes to getting the latest version of Android into the market.  Manufactures and carriers still wield considerable control over the matter which in the long run does them and Google more damage than good.

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