Apple Releases a Security Update for MacOS 10.13.4

In addition to the security update released for iOS 11.3.1 today, Apple also released a minor security update for MacOS 10.13.4.  The update to High Sierra brings two patches to two vulnerabilities on the platform in a 1GB update.  It is available to all Macs running High Sierra.

The first patch has to do with a memory corruption issue in the Crash Reporter that could allow for an application to gain elevated privileges.  This issue was found by the Google Project Zero team, Google’s security team that finds issues within Google’s products as well as Apple and Microsoft products.

The second issue is with LinkPresentation.  This has to deal with a maliciously crafted text message that can lead to UI spoofing.  If you updated your iPhone or iPad to the new patch that came today for iOS 11.3.1, you basically got the exact same patch there as you will be getting here on your Mac.


MacOS users should download this update and apply it as soon as possible to avoid the vulnerabilities.  Given its small size, it won’t take long to download or install.

If you are curious about reading the details of the patch, you can find the release notes here on the Apple Support site.

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