Chrome OS Camera App Updated to Support Video Recording

The Camera app for Chrome OS has been updated in the Chrome Web Store and brings the ability to record videos using your built-in web cam.  The new build is version 5.0 and technically, because it is a Chrome web app, it could be installed on a Windows PC or Mac if you have Chrome installed.  Why you would want to do this, I have no idea…. but you can.

Functionally, beyond adding the ability to record videos, there isn’t much new in the update.  The will record your videos in the maximum resolution of your web cam and will store them to your local storage on your Chromebook.

It goes without saying that if you are going to use the video recording feature extensively, it would be a good idea to move the videos over to your Google Drive to save your limited local storage on your Chromebook.

The addition of video recording brings functionality to Chrome OS that has long been apart of the built-in apps for Windows and MacOS.

Chrome OS Camera Update

Chrome OS Camera Update

If you want to download the new Camera app, you can do so here.  On your Chromebook, you don’t have bother with the download.  The app will auto update for you and chances are you already have it installed.


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