Google Releases The April 2018 Android Security Update Patches

Google has released the April 2018 Android Security Update for devices, bringing a massive 311 different fixes and patches to the platform.  As normal, there are two patches that are available.  The first patch, dated April 1, mostly deals with Android system level patches while the second, data April 5, is for components updates aimed at the Pixel lineup of phones.

To have this many patches in one update is rare.  Most of the updates over the past few months have had less than 50 total updates across both patches.  This month however, there are well over 100 patches just for the Qualcomm closed source components.

All in, you will find 15 critical fixes across both patches and nearly 200 high important fixes.  Most of these fixes address security flaws for the platform as well as components, most notably those around Qualcomm chipsets found in Pixel devices and in others on the market.  This month’s update also has fixes for battery drain and WiFi issues on the Pixel 2 lineup of devices.

The patches, both in full images as well as OTA images have been released by Google and those of you who have a Pixel phone, you will likely start getting the update as soon as today.  For other phones, it will be a matter of when they get it released.  If track records are anything to go by, the Essential Phone will probably get the update really quick as will Nokia and HTC devices.

You can read all about the changes in this month’s Android Security Update on the Android Security Bulletin site.

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