Indonesian Language Support Comes to Google Assistant

Google continues to bring more languages to Google Assistant as they aim to add 38 new ones this year.  The latest is Indonesian support for Assistant which is currently rolling out.  It comes after the addition of Italian and Hindi last month.

Google has been clear on their intent for Google Assistant in 2018:  Bring it to as many languages and locales as possible.  Their goal is 38 and while the pace has been slow to this point, you can expect it to ratchet up over the summer.

Like the rollout of Italian, there are things that don’t work yet in Indonesian such as Routines.  That will change of course over time but those readers who speak Indonesian need to be aware that it isn’t a like-for-like with the English language support.

You can adjust your language settings in the Google Assistant app on your phone if you want to give it a try.  Keep in mind that it is just now rolling out so it may take a few days before it lands on everyone’s account.

Google’s plan to bring all of these new languages will be challenging and the results to date have been mixed.  It is just a matter of time however before they are able to smooth all the rough edges out as they expand.

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