Latest Update to Microsoft Launcher Brings Several Bug Fixes and New Features

A new update to Microsoft Launcher is rolling out in the Google Play Store today, bringing several bug fixes and stability improvements to the app, as well as a few new features.  The new build is version 4.7.5 for those keeping score at home and if you have the launcher installed, you should get the OTA update to this new build over the next few days.

Microsoft characterized this new build as a maintenance build and it pretty much is just that.  There are several fixes included in this build including fixing top crashes and apps not responding errors in the launcher as well as fixing several badge count issues if you have that feature enabled in the launcher.  You will also find a lot of tweaks under-the-hood that bring performance, memory and CPU utilization improvements to Microsoft Launcher.

As for new features, there are a couple of notable ones.  First, you can rotate your wallpaper by selecting a set of wallpapers that you want to rotate daily.  That is found in the new Wallpaper selecting experience in the launcher that you can access either by the wallpaper icon or by long pressing an empty space on the home screen.

Wallpaper Settings in Microsoft Launcher

Wallpaper Settings in Microsoft Launcher

You will also find a new Cortana skill in this update.  You can now have Cortana set a new alarm for you from the launcher directly.

Overall it is a solid update to the launcher, one of Microsoft’s most popular apps for Android.  If you haven’t taken a look at it, especially if you are a heavy Microsoft Office 365 users, give it a try.  It’s free and is a great launcher alternative.


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