Samsung Calls Time on Galaxy S6 Series Support

Samsung has updated their Android Security Update page and it appears that it is the end of the line for the majority of the Galaxy S6 series of phones.  The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will both no longer receive any updates of any type from Samsung while the S6 Edge+ and S6 Active will still get updates – but that’s likely not for long.

The S6 lineup for the most part was introduced in April 2015 and for the S6 and S6 Edge, the last official update they will receive is the February Android Security Update for Android Nougat.  It is likely that one last update will come to the Edge+ and Active but that hasn’t been officially announced.

The Galaxy S6 lineup was a solid lineup that arguably propelled Samsung to the heights of popularity it enjoys today.  It was a powerhouse for its time and brought some of the earliest slim bezel designs to market.

The challenge with popularity however is that there remains a significant number of S6’s out there, which could (and likely are) be vulnerable to bugs and vulnerabilities that have since been patched in Oreo or in later Samsung devices.

If you are still rocking your Galaxy S6, it is time to consider an upgrade.

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