Samsung Quietly Updates the Samsung Chromebook Pro with a Backlit Keyboard

If there has been one almost universal complaint about the Samsung Chromebook Pro, it has been the lack of a backlit keyboard.  Many felt, me included, that for the price point of $599, it should have had this simple feature.  It would see that Samsung has listened.  Over the weekend, the product page for the Chromebook Pro on the Samsung site was updated and it highlights that it now comes with a backlit keyboard.

The price of this slightly updated Pro is $599, the same price as the original when its as released last year.  Based on the specifications listed on the product page, it appears to be exactly the same device as the first generation Chromebook Pro, just with the keyboard backlighting added.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro has been and remains one of the more popular premium Chromebook options.  Reviews of it have generally been positive, especially in the early days of it being released as it was one of the first devices to run Android apps.  The addition of the backlit keyboard somewhat completes the device as it was something competing devices like the Acer Flip C302 and the Google Pixelbook had onboard.

You can check out the details on this updated Chromebook Pro on the Samsung site.  Right now it appears to be the only place you can pick one up as the listings on Best Buy and Amazon still show the non-backlit version.


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