Samsung Quietly Updates the Samsung Chromebook Pro with a Backlit Keyboard

Samsung Chromebook Pro

If there has been one almost universal complaint about the Samsung Chromebook Pro, it has been the lack of a backlit keyboard.  Many felt, me included, that for the price point of $599, it should have had this simple feature.  It would see that Samsung has listened.  Over the weekend, the product page for the Chromebook Pro on the Samsung site was updated and it highlights that it now comes with a backlit keyboard.

The price of this slightly updated Pro is $599, the same price as the original when its as released last year.  Based on the specifications listed on the product page, it appears to be exactly the same device as the first generation Chromebook Pro, just with the keyboard backlighting added.

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HP Chromebook X2 is Mid-Range Detachable Chrome OS Tablet

HP Chromebook X2

2018 is shaping up to be a great year for Chrome OS devices, especially tablets.  HP has jumped into the fray with their latest detachable design, the HP Chromebook X2.  The 12.3″ Chromebook starts at $599 and comes with the detaching keyboard and stylus.

Powered by the Intel Core m3 Kaby Lake processor, the Chromebook X2 comes with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.  It has 2400 x 1600 resolution, stereo speakers, a 13MP rear camera, two USB-C ports, a MicroSD slot and has about 10.5 hours of battery life according to HP.

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Android Support Lands for Six Chromebooks After The Latest Chrome OS Update

Google+ Android App Running on Chrome OS

After the latest Chrome 64-based build of Chrome OS rolled out last week to the majority of Chromebooks, several of them picked up Android app support in the Stable Channel.  This means that owners of these Chromebooks no longer have to live in the Beta or Dev channels to have Android apps run, providing a more stable and robust experience.

Here are the Chromebooks that added Android support in the Stable Channel:

  • Acer Chromebook 15 (CB5-571 / C910)
  • CTL J5 Convertible Chromebook
  • eduGear CMT Chromebook
  • Haier Chromebook 11 C
  • PCMerge Chromebook PCM-116T-432B
  • Prowise Chromebook Proline
  • Viglen Chromebook 360

In the case of all of these Chromebooks, Android app support worked on them in the Beta channel previously.

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Friday Poll – Do You Use Android Apps on Your Chromebook?

The Google Pixelbook

Today’s poll is for those of you who use a Chromebook.  The question is simple:  Do you use Android apps on your Chromebook?

While the majority of Chrome OS devices can now run Android apps, an informal survey of close friends found that they rarely use Android apps on their Chromebooks.  I, on the other hand, use as many Android apps as possible.  So I’m curious what you readers are doing.

Do you use Android apps on your Chromebook?

For those of you who answered yes, after the break I have a second question for you:  How many apps do you use?

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Reminder – Google Pixelbook Discount Ends Tomorrow

Left Side Ports Detail of The Pixelbook

A friendly reminder to readers who may still be thinking about picking up a Google Pixelbook.  The $100 discount on all models at Amazon and the Google Store will be ending tomorrow.

At Amazon, you can pick up the entry level Google Pixelbook for $899, a savings of $100 off the regular price.  In fact, you can pick up the Pixelbook and the Pixelbook Pen together for $997, which is less than the normal price of the Chromebook itself.

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Qualcomm Confirms Interest in Chromebooks But Only in Higher End Devices

Right side USB-C Port

Chip manufacture Qualcomm has confirmed that they are interested in providing their SoC solutions for Chromebooks, but only on premium devices.  The news came from PCMag which reported that the company’s new director of product management, Monte Giles, is only interested if the average sale price of Chromebooks goes up higher.

“if the Chromebook market stays at sub-$300 [average selling prices] it’s not that interesting to us,” Giles said. Qualcomm wants to make premium Chromebooks, apparently. “What we’re watching closely is when the [average selling prices] start to go above $500.”

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How To Setup Voice Input as The Default in Google Assistant on The Pixelbook

Left Side Ports Detail of The Pixelbook

One of the best features of the Google Pixelbook is the built-in and dedicated keyboard key for Google Assistant.  As I put in my review of the Pixelbook, the Google Assistant integration works great and it has proven to be a far more handy feature than I expected it to be when I first got the Chromebook.

By default, the Assistant keyboard button opens up with the default interaction as the keyboard.  In other words, typing your request to Assistant.  Google does this because it has also designed the Pixelbook to respond to “Hey, Google” (assuming you have enabled it).  But sometimes, having the keyboard key configured to accept voice commands can be handy.  Think of it as being similar to when you tap and hold the Home button down on your Android phone.

In this How To, I’ll show you how you can configure the Assistant keyboard key to open up and listen for your voice commands instead of typed inputs.

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Lenovo Announces Three New Education Focused Chromebooks

Lenovo 500e Education Chromebook

At Mobile World Congress today, Lenovo has announced an expansion of their education ready Chromebooks.  The company introduced the 100e, 300e and 500e devices with the entry level 100e starting at just $219.  All three devices are ruggedized and two of the models have touchscreens.

The 100e is the entry level model and is the only non-touchscreen device.  It is powered by a dual-core Celeron N3350 CPU with 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and an 11.6″ display.   It has two USB 3.0 ports as well as two USB-C ports for charging.

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