Apple News to Bring Exclusive Video Content to Readers

Apple is upping its game with Apple News according to a report in Digiday.  According to the report, Apple is signing deals with content providers to provide exclusive content to users of the app on their iPhones and iPads.  That content could prove to be only available for Apple News or, as with BuzzFeed News last month, will be exclusive and first on Apple’s service temporarily.

Last month, BuzzFeed News released a three-part series Future History: 1968 with the company confirming that Apple paid to have the exclusive rights to have first views of that series on their news app.

The race for exclusive content has been heating up for some time now, especially between YouTube, Twitter and Facebook – but not exclusively.  With 700 million iPhones in use world, most of which can run the Apple News app, that is a lot of eyes that can see exclusive content.  Apple appears to be pushing hard to get other content creators onboard and is paying for the privilege to have that content first.

Apple News

Apple News

The question is if they will keep doing this for free.  Rumors have persisted for months that Apple is going to launch a paid-for news service to provide more exclusive and rich content.  Further, Apple is set to change their advertising model which would allow publishers to run adverts from services like DoubleClick, something that can’t be done today and is pushing away providers.

The rest of 2018 could prove to be an interesting time for Apple News and certainly is an app and service to watch as Apple sets their strategic path forward on it.

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