Apple Pay Support Expanded by Support of 26 New Financial Institutions

Apple Pay has had another wave of banks here in the United States, adding 26 banks and financial institutions to the list of supporting institutions.  The additions are mostly smaller regional banks as Apple continues to push the adoption of the tap-to-pay service both here in the United States as well as in Europe and Asia.

For the US, here are a few of the new financial institutions that now support Apple Pay:

  • Canandaigua National Bank & Trust
  • Chesapeake Bank
  • Citizens National Bank (TX)
  • Classic Bank
  • Dowell Federal Credit Union
  • Embarrass Vermillion Federal Credit Union

The team over at 9to5Mac have put together a full list of the banks supported.

In addition to the US based financial institutions, there were also expansions in Europe and Asia.  Hong Kong gained Citibank Mastercard and Visa support while in Japan, Kiraboshi JCB now supports the service.  Those in Taiwan can now use Cathay United Bank, E.SUN Commercial bank and HuaNan Commercial Bank credits cards too.  In Spain, Bankinter is also now part of the mix too.

Apple Pay still is behind its main rival Google Pay both here in the US and abroad but continues to gain ground.  The Cupertino company has made Pay a continual focus effort and is working with financial institutions to get on board.


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