Fifth and Likely Final Beta of MacOS 10.13.5 Release to Testers

Apple has released a fifth and what is likely to be the final beta build of MacOS 10.13.5 to beta testers.  The new build was released yesterday, along side the 5th beta for iOS 11.4, and should be available to everyone who has a registered device in the Apple Beta Program.

The new build is 17F70a and given the timing of the release as it relates to WWDC and the size of the update, it is likely this is the Release Candidate version of the next build of MacOS High Sierra.  WWDC kicks off at the first of June where it is expected that MacOS 10.14 will be shown for the first time publicly along with iOS 12.

Turning back to this beta of 10.13.5, there isn’t much new to report and, per the norm, there are no release notes provided by Apple on the update.  We won’t get the full release notes of what is fixed or added until the release happens.  For sure Messages for iCloud and AirPlay 2 will be arriving with this build so there will be some new features to look forward too.

As for when we can expected MacOS 10.13.5, it is likely not long.  Given WWDC is a couple of weeks away, we will likely see this Release Candidate build “soak” for the remainder of this week and could see it officially go GA (General Availability) as soon as next week.


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