Google Assistant to Support Continued Conversations and Multiple Actions

Today at Google I/O, the company announced some big new features are coming to Google Assistant.  In the coming months, Assistant will be able to handle multiple actions at once while also being able to continue a conversation with you as you interact with it.  This will be available on Google Home and on your Android and iOS phones.

Continuing conversations is a huge step forward as it will allow you to link various conversation elements together into one interaction without having to say “Hey Google” between each command.  It will make Assistant – which will also have six new voices – more conversational and natural to interact with in your day.

Multiple actions support is also a big gain for Google Assistant.  Now you can give one command to complete multiple actions.  For example, you could tell Assistant to turn off the lights and turn on music all with one command.  It is a bit like routines with more personalized flexibility.

There were a few other things announced today at I/O around Assistant.  As mentioned, there are going to be six new voices available for you to use as Assistant’s voice.  Designed for children interactions, Assistant will praise kids for using “please” and “thank you” after interactions.

If you haven’t picked up a Google Home or haven’t used Google Assistant on your phone, time to get cracking.  Assistant is going to be a key part of the interaction with these devices going forward – if not already.

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