Google Home Now Supports Google Play Movies & TV Through Google Assistant

It has taken a while, a lot longer than it should have frankly, but Google Home is now finally able to start up a movie or television show from Google Play Movies & TV.  The feature quietly snuck into Home and Google Assistant this week during Google I/O and didn’t get a lot of fanfare but it closes a loop in Google’s support of their own products.

If you have a Google Home and you have movies or television shows you have rented or purchased in Play Movies & TV, you can now ask Google Assistant to play a movie in your account to a Chromecast device in your home.  It works just like it does with Netflix and other services that are already supported by Home & Assistant.

The lack of Play Movies & TV was frustrating for many who had content in the service and had to manually start the showing of that content on their Chromecasts yet could start a movie on Netflix just by giving their Home devices the command to do so.  Why it took so long is a good question.

The feature is still in the process or rolling out as it is a cloud-side change.  If you have trouble getting your Home to play content from Play Movies & TV, give it a few days and it should be there for everyone.

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