Google One Goes Live for Google Drive Subscribers

Google One, the Mountain View company’s new all-in-one storage, support and benefits program, is now starting to go live.  Paid subscribers to Google Drive are now getting notifications via email that their account has been converted to a One account and for them, the One app has now lit up too.

One is a central repository of sorts for your Google Drive storage and gives you the ability to share that storage with other members of your family.  It also provides you access to Google support via chat, phone or email and that support is available 24/7.    You can also adjust your drive storage account in the app, change payment methods, manage family members and even shut down your subscription.

To get things rolling, Google is already throwing out a benefit for subscribers.  When accounts go live, a $5 Google Play credit is being offered that you can add to your account for app purchases, movie rentals and purchases through the Play Store. There are also hotel discounts available by doing searches for hotels through Google Search.

Google One for Android

Google One for Android

The Google One app itself is a bright, clean example of Material Design with large panels of information and a top navigation section for the different parts of the app.

Finally, it also appears that the new Google Drive pricing has gone live in the app too.  The 100GB plan is now $1.99/month while the new 200GB plan at $2.99 per month is also available.

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