Google One is The New and Improved Google Drive

Google has made a pretty significant announcement with regards to Google Drive today.  In a blog post, the Mountain View company announced that Google Drive would be rebranded as Google One and bring with it more storage and features.

The most visible change to Google One over Drive is the tiers and pricing structure.  For $1.99 per month, you can pick up 100GB of storage.  That is the same price as today but if you need just a little bit more, there will be a 200GB tier that will be $2.99.  Perhaps the bigger news is that current 1TB account which is $9.99 per month will double to 2TB at no additional charge.  This puts a huge amount of pressure on other cloud storage providers like Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive.

Adding to the storage store, One will also support family storage.  Up to five members of your family can share that paid storage account and each will have their own private storage areas within the account.

There will be other benefits too like being able to get quicker support for issues from Google and other additional services will be rolled out as they come online.

Paying Google Drive customers should have received an email today letting them know about One.  Starting May 24th, Google will begin migrating accounts to the new One service.


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