Google Pay Returns Loyalty Card Sorting to The App

A cloud-side update to Google Pay is rolling out that finally brings back the ability to sort loyalty and gift cards in the app to your liking.  The ability to sort these cards was something that was a part of Android Pay but when the rebranding of the app and service took place earlier this year, the feature was dropped.

The ability to sort your loyalty and gift cards may seem minor but if you have a lot of these types of cards in your Google Pay app, it can be a bit of a pain (and somewhat awkward if you are trying to use one in a queue at a retailer) trying to find them.  I personally love the fact that my cards can now be put in alphabetical order.

Users are being notified of the change with a pop-up on the Home page of the Pay app.  You can then go to your Cards tab, down to your loyalty and gift cards, then tap-and-hold one to reorder it in the list.  Again, nothing orbit altering but a handy feature.

There is nothing you need to do from an end user perspective.  It appears this returning feature is rolling out widely now.  Just make sure that you have the latest version of the Google Pay app on your phone.

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