Google Photos Auto Fix Suggestions Now Rolling Out

At Google I/O last week, we got a glimpse of new one-touch auto fixing of photos that would be coming to Google Photos both in the app and on the web.  It seems that those auto fix suggestions are now starting to roll out.

Leveraging AI, Photos will now pop up a small banner on a photos to suggest a fix for that photo.  The AI looks at the lighting quality, orientation and content of the photo and gives you the suggested fix.  Tap the pop-up and you open a simple editor which shows you the updated photo.  Long press the photo to see the original.  If you like the suggested fix, save it and your photo in your Google Photos library is updated.

In all, there are three primary auto fix suggestions that are surfacing:

  • Brightness – to adjust the brightness of a photo
  • Rotation – to change the rotation of an image from portrait or landscape to the other
  • Archive – for screenshots, labels, receipts, menus, etc.

Here is an example of what the suggested edit looks like when it is surfaced in Google Photos.

Suggested Fixes in Google Photos

Suggested Fixes in Google Photos

Google Photos is arguably one of Google’s best products and certainly one of the most popular.  If you haven’t given it a try, be it on Android or iOS, download it and try it out.

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