Google Photos Favorites Feature Now Rolling Out

The new Favorites feature of Google Photos, one of two new features announced for the photo app & service, has started to broadly roll out this morning to users.  The new feature is a cloud-side change so as long as you have the latest version of the app on your phone, you should see the new Star icon to select a photo as a favorite when you are viewing an individual photo.

Once you select a photos as a favorite, Google Photos will also automatically create a new album for you, aptly named Favorites.  Here you can quickly see all the photos you have designated as favorites instead of having to search for them in your photos library.

The new favorites feature is one of the more requested feature of Photos.  It is always good to see any developer listen to users of their app to bring features they want when possible and this is a good example of just that happening.

Google Photos Favorites

Google Photos Favorites

The other new feature, Likes for shared photos, doesn’t seem to be live just yet.  I don’t have it in the Photos app on my Pixel XL and chatting with a few other Google Photos Top Contributors, none of us have it globally.  It could be that we see that later today or tomorrow.

If you are not seeing the new Favorite feature yet, just give it a bit of time.  It appears to be broadly rolling out globally and may take several hours before everyone’s account is updated with the feature.

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