Google Photos New Color Pop Feature Now Starting to Roll Out

The new Color Pop feature that was highlighted this past week at Google I/O in Google Photos is now starting to roll out to users.  The feature takes an image in your photos library that has a bright colored subject and then turns the background black & white.

The feature, at least right now, is 100% driving by Google Assistant, the AI built into Google Photos.  That means you can’t force the issue.  If the AI finds a photo in your library that meets its criteria, it will provide you the photo in the Assistant tab where you can save it to your library.

The feature requires that you be running the latest version of Photos on your Android phone or iPhone which isn’t a big surprise.  This is, however, a cloud-side enablement so if you have the latest version of the app on your phone, you are good-to-go.  It is just a matter of when Assistant provides you a Color Pop image.

Photos is arguably one of Google’s most popular apps and certainly one of the most widely used and loved.  Google reported at I/O last week that 5 billion photos are viewed each day in Photos making it easily one of the most used as well.

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