Google Photos to Get AI-Driven Suggestions for Photo Sharing and Enhancements

Google Photos is arguably one of the most popular and successful apps that Google has produced today.  But that success is not stopping the company from continue to develop and push Artificial Intelligence – which is already deep inside photos – even further.  Today at I/O, Google announced that Photos will be gaining several AI-driven suggestion features and the ability to add color to black & white photos.

The new suggestions will be based on the content of the photos and the overall quality of them.  If there are pictures of friends for example which are identified by Google Photos, you could see a suggestion to share those photos with that person.  Likewise, if a photo can be enhanced, the suggestions will give you one-tap ability to enhance the photo to improve it.

Along with this, Photos will soon have the ability to colorize black & white photos.  It will also gain the ability to have the subject remain in color while the background is made black & white.  These are things that apps can do now but it is a manual process.  Google Photos aims to make it automated as the AI in Photos learns the people, places and things in your photos to give you better enhancements and suggestions.

All of these new features to Photos will be coming over the course of the next few months so stay tuned and if you haven’t tried out Photos, give it a go.  It is an awesome app.

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