Google Photos Turns 3 Years Old

Believe it or not, Google Photos is now three years old.  The photo library app that syncs photos with your Photos online storage, continues to evolve rapidly and remains one of the most popular Google apps out there.  It makes keeping a sync’d copy of your photos and videos online pretty seamless and if you use the High Quality sync setting, doesn’t even consume any of your Google Drive quota (which is great for photos under 16MP).

Photos was announced as part of the original Pixel launch and those devices, as well as the subsequent Pixel 2 lineup, can store photos in original quality without using Drive space.  Other devices can upload in original too, but you start using up your storage.  It was also one of the first apps that has a serious AI integration from Google, with the app able to identify people, pets and look at the overall quality of the photo to recommend automatic improvements (referred to commonly as Auto Awesome), make animations and movies, and create photo books of your favorite photos.

Google Photos continues to grow up with more new features recently announced at Google I/O including one-touch image corrections and the ability to mark photos as favorites.  All of this while the AI continues to improve and making it a more personal experience for you with your photos.

In full disclosure, I’m a Google Photos Top Contributor for Google so I have a particular affinity for this app… but I still think it is one of the best, if not the best, app Google has ever made outside of Gmail.  The ability to keep my photos safe and sound in my account, now well over 35,000 of them, makes it a worry-free experience and that is worth its weight in gold.

Happy Birthday Google Photos!


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