Google WiFi Will Soon Be Able to Test Connections for Individual Devices

A new feature is starting to roll out to the Google WiFi app that brings the ability for you to test individual device connectivity on your wireless network.  The feature will allow you to see the connection health of an individual device on the network which can be handy if you are troubleshooting a constantly buffering Chromecast device as an example.

Today, the Google WiFi app can test the overall network health and its connection to the Internet.  That will remain in the app but will be augmented by this new feature.  You will be able to select a device and test its connection which will give you more information on the performance of that device, not just the overall network’s performance.

The feature, according to Google’s blog post about the new feature, will be global so everyone around the world using Google WiFi should see it in the coming weeks.  The question is if it will require an app update.  The way the blog post is written is it may well be a cloud-side update and the feature just appear in your app.  Indeed, this has become the way that Google has updated many of their apps for Android and this could be another example of it.

For my part, I did look at my WiFi app this morning for this post and I do not have the new feature as of yet.

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