iOS 13 Rumored to Have Several iPad-Focused Feature Updates

While iOS 12 is on the horizon for 2018, attention is already starting to turn to iOS 13 which is slated for 2019.  That attention is being fueled by rumors about the update coming in 2019 and it looks like it is going to be heavily focused on the iPad.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman tweeted on Friday about some of the things that we can expect in “Yukon”, the codename for iOS 13.

While the tweet and rumors are still somewhat generic in nature, it does align with previous rumors that there would be a heavy focus on the iPad in v13.

Even if half of Mr. Gurman’s tweet turns out to be true, it iOS 13 is going to be a big win for the iPad.  It is clear that Apple is blurring the line further between the tablet and MacOS with features functioning in a similar fashion on both as well as more powerful, desktop-like experiences with side-by-side app improvements and improvements to the Files app.  It is also likely that we will see cross-platform app support between iOS and MacOS next year but exactly how that will work or look is not clear.

As for iOS 12, we can expect to see that next month at WWDC, Apple’s developer conference.  That kicks off June 4 and while v12 is largely a maintenance update, there will be some new features introduced:

  • New Animoji interface and Animojis on iPad
  • FaceTime support for Animoji,
  • Updated parental controls
  • New Digital Health tool to allow parents to better monitor screen time
  • Updated Stocks App
  • Do Not Disturb enhancements
  • Support for multiplayer augmented reality games.

It is likely that the first beta for iOS 12 will arrive at WWDC too.


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