Material Design Remake of Google News Site Rolls Out

Following up on the release of the Google News app for both Android and iOS, Google has rolled out the Material Design remake of the site for the service today.  With a far cleaner look with improved content visuals, the site matches nicely the new News app for mobile and should be a somewhat seamless experience for users.

Of all the things discussed at Google I/O last week, the revamp of Google News surprisingly took up a lot of digital ink over the course of the week.  In case you did miss it, Google News is more-or-less the replacement for Google Play Newsstand and Google News & Weather.

While the new News site and apps are close in look & feel, there are a few difference.  For example, any magazine subscriptions you have can only be viewed on the mobile apps – at least right now.  The mobile apps also have a bigger, bolder view of media for articles too.

Google News Material Design - May 2018

Google News Material Design – May 2018

Having been a long time users of the old News & Weather, I’m a big fan of the new look and feel of the app and the site.  See what you think.  It should be up for everyone at this point given it is a cloud-side change.

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