OneDrive for Android Can Now Be Installed on SD Cards

The Microsoft OneDrive for Android app has been updated with a feature that has long been requested by users:  The ability to install the app on a SD card.  To this point, if you have an Android phone with a SD Card, OneDrive would not allow itself to be installed on that external storage.  It is something that long time users of the cloud storage app have requested of Microsoft as it can save space, especially if you are syncing a lot of content offline from your OneDrive account, on your phone.

With version 5.9 which is now available in the Play Store, that changes.  You now have the option to install the app on your SD Card.  Further, if you already have the app installed, you can move the app to your card via the Settings in the app.

The feature is only available starting with version 5.9 so if you don’t have that build, you won’t see the option to move the OneDrive for Android app to your SD Card.  The update was released on Friday of last week so it is likely that you have it available if you haven’t automatically been updated to the new build.  You can check which build you are on in Settings.

For those that are looking for a cloud storage solution, Microsoft’s OneDrive provides 5GB of free storage and can even sync your photos to the storage automatically so you have a backup.  The app is free and available in the Google Play Store.

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