Popular Podcast App Pocket Casts By Podcast Consortium Including NPR

The popular multi-platform podcast app Pocket Casts has been acquired by a consortium of podcast producers today, providing the Australian company more resources to accelerate innovation.  The four companies that bought Shift Jelly, the company behind the app, consists of WNYC, NPR, WBEZ and This American Life.

In a post on the company’s blog, the company explains that nothing in the short term will change but the backing of the new owners will allow them to more rapidly iterate the app.  It will remain a paid app and will remain available on both Android, iOS and the web.

The post points out that it was the mission and overall ethos of the four companies that swayed their decision and not necessarily monetary gain.

That’s why when a combined group comprised of WNYC, NPR, WBEZ and This American Life approached us with the goal of partnering for the good of the entire podcast industry, we knew that this opportunity was something else entirely. Everything from their not for profit mission focus, to their unwavering belief that open and collaborative wins over closed walled gardens resonated deeply with us.

All of the founders of the company will remain with the new consortium and, in a hilarious read answering questions, made it quite clear that the deal would not mean the end of the company or the staff.

Pocket Casts is arguably one of the best podcast apps out there and is one I personally have used for years.  While change is inevitable with the new owners, it doesn’t seem to be anytime soon.

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