Second Chrome 66 Build Released to The Chrome OS Stable Channel

After being first released last week, a second Chrome 66 build is now available in the Chrome OS Stable Channel today.  Build 66.0.3359.158 (Platform version: 10452.85.0) is available for most Chrome OS devices starting today and is the build that systems which are capable of running Android apps will be updated to run.

I can confirm that my Google Pixelbook was updated to build .158 earlier this morning when I used the chrome://help command to check for the update.

As for updates & changes, there are plenty in this update.

Here is a complete rundown of all of the new features or updates found in this new Chrome OS Stable Channel build:

  • Adding new keyboard shortcut to move windows from display-to-display
  • New Chrome OS Keyboard Shortcut Helper
  • External Display Settings enhancements
  • Enable Video Recording in Chrome Camera App
  • Overview window animation improvements
  • Extending more devices support for Magic Tether
  • Picture in Picture Magnification
  • Ability to zoom up to 20x with Chrome OS magnifier
  • Ability to adjust full screen mag zoom level through pinch gesture
  • Screen sharing support for Android apps installed via the Google Play Store
  • Add Google Play into first login Opt-in window
  • Google Play GDPR support
  • Google Play Maximized Window support improvements
  • Automatically pass user credentials from Chrome OS login to network 802.1x authentication
  • Native printing support extended to Google Play applications
  • Add Sync notice during initial sign-in


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