Second Chrome 68 Based Build Arrives in The Chrome OS Dev Channel

The second build based on Chrome 68 has arrived in the Chrome OS Dev Channel this morning.  The new build is 68.0.3431.0 (Platform version: 10682.0.0) for those keeping score at home and is available on most systems in that channel.

For those of you new to Chrome OS, the Dev Channel is what would be considered Alpha builds and often have a lot of bugs and odd behaviors, but also include some of the newest features that will be eventually be coming to Chrome OS.  Sometimes the features slip or accelerate depending on stability.  It is not recommended that you run your primary Chromebook in the Dev Channel as you will certainly run into challenges are things simply not working as expected.

What will eventually be released as a part of Chrome 68 is still a bit of a mystery and we likely won’t have a firm grasp of those features until it arrives in the Beta channel.  That likely won’t happen for until after Chrome 67 promotes to the Stable Channel at the beginning of June.  Right now, it is a bug hunt exercise for developers in the Chrome OS Dev Channel.

That said, Chrome 68 in Chrome OS is slated right now for a July 31st release date this year.  You can expect to see another two or three Dev Channel builds before it goes to the Beta channel where another set of builds, 4-6, will be tested before that July release date.

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